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Green passenger vessels to Europe

Passenger vessel Hyke in Paris© Hyke
Norway has a complete maritime ecosystem, including a comprehensive value chain and a unique network of regional clusters. Low and zero-emission solutions and corresponding infrastructure for passenger vessels are proven and mature technology in the Norwegian market and ready for export.

The initiative is part of Innovation Norway’s High Potential Opportunities (HPO) programme for major export initiatives. The aim is to position Norwegian shipyards, equipment manufacturers, and service providers in the green maritime passenger transport markets in Southern Europe, starting in France before continuing to Spain and Italy.

Gateway to Europe

The Norwegian government has appointed "More and greener maritime export" as one of three national strategic export initiatives. The green transition and political ambitions for a greener maritime sector opens business opportunities for innovative and proven solutions within shipbuilding in Europe. Europe is a free market without nationally constraints in the framework of free European competition. Proving Norwegian solutions in France will open up the European market.

France has the world’s second largest exclusive economic zone, and a comprehensive inland waterways network of rivers and canals for goods and passenger transport. Most projects for passenger vessels are public authority-led tenders, and various funding schemes are available for low/zero-emission solutions. A market report from 2022 documents a vast selection of relevant tenders, supported by the French government’s comprehensive plans for green transition and industry development, France Relance and France 2030.

Norwegian solutions

The Norwegian companies in the ecosystem for low and zero-emission shipping deliver world class solutions over a large spectrum of vessel types attractive for this market. The project will focus on the following vessel types and corresponding infrastructure; Electric fast ferries (pax 50-200), Sightseeing vessels (pax 200-600), Autonomous Water Shuttles (pax >50) and charging systems and shore power solutions, incl. autonomous battery swapping systems.

The Norwegian solutions and technology are highly innovative, mature and proven – and export ready. The green transition in Europe is accelerating, and the timing for Norwegian engagement is good. Environmental footprint, system performance and technical maturity are competitive advantage for Norwegian partners.

The project for exporting maritime technology to Europe will run in the period 2023-2027.

Team Norway

HPO projects bring together Norway’s entire business support system and other members of Team Norway. Norwegian enterprises receive help from Innovation Norway’s regional and international offices, embassies, Export Finance Norway, chambers of commerce, relevant clusters and other partners as needed.

Team Norway contributes through a bespoke package of services based on the opportunities in the market and business needs. The activities range from political dialogue, financing, networking, and marketing to advice for individual enterprises in the market. The contributors to the offshore wind project in Europe include:

  • Maritime Cleantech and other Norwegian clusters focusing on green maritime transport;
  • The Norwegian Embassies in France, Spain, and Italy;
  • The French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (CCFN);
  • Innovation Norway’s offices in France, Spain, and Italy;
  • Innovation Norway’s regional offices in Norway, including financial advisers and the EU Team.

Innovation Norway will utilise its experience and partnership models in this green maritime HPO to also strengthen Norwegian positions in other markets.

Project Managers

Innovation Norway:

Stephanie Volpe – stephanie.volpe@innovationnorway.no, +33 6 35 41 73 11

Maritime Cleantech:

Håvard Tvedte - haavard@maritimecleantech.no, +47 926 30 119

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