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Green Shipping in Singapore

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Southeast Asia are a key market for exports. The initiative Green Shipping in Singapore aim to position Norwegian suppliers in the maritime market there. The project is part of Innovation Norway's program for major export initiatives, High Potential Opportunities (HPO), which helping Norwegian companies to become preferred partners and suppliers in specific projects.

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Who should apply

This HPO project targets two major initiatives within the "Maritime Singapore Decarbonization Blueprint 2050," which represent significant opportunities for Norwegian companies with relevant technologies and solutions.

  • Electrification of domestic harbor vessels: With over 1600 diesel-powered vessels operating within its waters, Singapore aims for zero emissions for harbor vessels and leisure boats by 2050, with all new harbor vessels being fully electric or capable of using clean biodiesel or hydrogen by 2030. The waiving of harbor fees for low- and zero-carbon harbor vessels by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and other government incentives and regulations aim to accelerate this transition. This will drivethe market for Norwegian companies with the relevant solutions.
  • Cutting-edge future marine fuels: Singapore is currently the world's largest bunkering port, and the transition to alternative marine fuels presents new business opportunities for Norwegian companies. Norway's expertise in ammonia and hydrogen technologies positions us as a potential key player in building the infrastructure required for the next generation of marine fuels, including bunkering technologies as well as handling, safety, and storage solutions.

What you get

The High Potential Opportunities (HPO) program provides Norwegian companies with comprehensive support covering everything from market advice, strategic positioning at key events, project identification, searching for local partnerships to procurement of financing and guidance on funding.

Participants will receive support to network with local stakeholders, government agencies, and profiling at industry events, while also benefiting from marketing and networking opportunities facilitated by Innovation Norway and the broader Team Norway network.

HPO projects bring together Norway's entire range of government agencies and other members of Team Norway. Norwegian companies receive assistance from Innovation Norway's offices regionally and internationally, the embassies, Export Credit Norway (Eksfin), NORWEP, chambers of commerce, and other partners as needed.

Team Norway in Singapore supports this initiative through the Norwegian Embassy in Singapore, the Norwegian Business Association in Singapore (NBAS), Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) and will be led by Innovation Norway Singapore. It will also be supported locally by Innovation Norway’s regional offices in Oslo Viken, Bergen, Stavanger and Ålesund as well as the secretariat of the national green maritime export initiative.

Contact information

We encourage Norwegian companies, whether already established in Singapore or considering entering the green maritime sector in this region, to contact Innovation Norway's Singapore office regarding this HPO program. Please contact:

Daniel Seow
Senior Advisor
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