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Innovation and development

Our services for companies with capacity for growth
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Advisory on innovation and development

This service is for companies with ambitions for further development and growth. We are a sparring partner to discuss new business opportunities. We offer individual advice on innovation processes, business opportunities, market clarification and sustainable development.

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Financing innovation and development

For the development of new solutions, we provide grants and loans. Grants are used for projects where the socio-economic benefit of the project is considerable and technical risk is high. The most common grant schemes are linked to environmental technology, innovation in collaboration and more environmentally friendly use of bio-resources. In addition, there are EU schemes for radical innovation. Innovation loans may be used for the commercialization of new solutions, strengthening working capital, growth and internationalization.

Grants are reserved for Norwegian companies that have ambitions to create value through innovation. The schemes apply to businesses throughout the country and within all industries. The companies must meet the minimum requirements for good business practice. 

We prioritize innovation projects that have great utility, high degree of innovation and likelihood of success. We cannot support projects that lead to unfortunate distortions of competition toward other players in the industry. Therefore, the project's degree of innovation will be emphasized. Why is the solution under development better compared to today's solutions? We would like to see how the project contributes to strengthening the company's competitiveness, as well as covering a need in society / the market.

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Courses and competence

We have several courses and programmes for companies with a capacity for growth.

Innovation Workshops are for companies working with innovation projects and provide them with tools for innovation and business development.

We also offer a digitization programme for companies that need increased expertise in digitization and advanced production. In this programme our leading cluster environments share their expertise to provide businesses with a better basis for development and renewal.

We offer several global accelerator programmes that will help start-ups and growth companies to compete and grow in an international market. Our accelerator programme introduces our customers to people, insights and methods that prepare them for what it really means to compete in a global market.

The programmes focus on networking, how the customers’ business can meet and convince investors, on marketing, business modelling, sales, and how to set up your business for growth.

Global Growth are export programmes for groups of companies that target the same market. We help established businesses reduce risk, we open doors, and speed up export.

Every year we arrange about 25 Global Growth Programs. Each programme is tailor-made for companies in the same sector or market. The programme consists of courses, advisory and meetings in Norway and in relevant export markets.

In our Global Growth programmes, we follow the companies all the way into the market, create arenas for competence and network building and connect with relevant international and Norwegian partners.

The programme gives insight into what is needed to succeed and how to be perceived as an attractive business partner in the relevant market.

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Clusters and networks

Enterprises that collaborate are more innovative, more productive and more competitive. The majority of Norwegian enterprises are small. If Norwegian business and industry are to deliver on global environmental and social challenges, the best enterprises and business communities must work together. That is why Innovation Norway seeks to strengthen collaboration between enterprises and knowledge communities through our cluster and network programmes.

Innovation is increasingly taking place in interaction between companies, customers, suppliers and knowledge institutions. We help you make contact, build networks and increase your expertise.

  • Clusters Do you collaborate with others on development within a specific area and want extra momentum on the initiative? There are many benefits to collaborative development projects, and we support them through our cluster programme. Norwegian Innovation Clusters shall trigger and strengthen collaboration in regional business clusters, make the clusters more dynamic and attractive, and make the enterprises more innovative and competitive.
  • Networks
    Does your company have growth ambitions and want to realize these in collaboration with other companies? We provide professional guidance and funding for the establishment and development of strategic corporate network projects. Business Networks support small and medium-sized businesses that enter into strategic collaboration with other enterprises.
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Our services for the shipping and fish industry

Fishing vessels and fishing rights
Do you need financing for the purchase and construction of fishing vessels or for equipment and tools? We can also help you finance quotas and rights.

Climate and environmentally friendly domestic shipping
Does your company have an exciting collaborative project in the maritime industry that can contribute to a more environmentally friendly shipping industry domestically? Then we can assist with financing.

30 million for future solutions in the marine industry
Do you have an innovative project in the maritime or marine industry? We offer grants for piloting and demonstration of future offshore solutions.

Grants for bio economics projects
Does your company develop solutions that increase value based on ocean, land and forest resources? There can be much to gain from higher processing of bio resources and utilising side streams for new products. We can help you with the financing.

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