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Ten percent of Norway's mainland exports go to Germany, and Germans are the largest group of foreign tourists in Norway. The size and the economic, political and cultural weight makes Germany interesting for many Norwegian companies.
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Employees Germany

Profilbilde av Gerda Geyer
Gerda Geyer
Senior Advisor Export Norway
Profilfoto av Arne Lueders
Arne Lueders
Senior Advisor Export Norway
Profilbilde av Martin Nietz
Martin Nietz
Acting Department Manager
Profilbilde av Hilke von Hoerschelmann
Hilke von Hoerschelmann
Senior Advisor
Profilbilde av Ulrike Katrin Peters
Ulrike Katrin Peters
Senior Advisor Tourism
Profilbilde av Ulrike Sommer
Ulrike Sommer
Senior Advisor Tourism
Profilbilde av Tina Fraune
Tina Fraune
Senior Advisor Export Norway
Profilbilde av Manuel Kliese
Manuel Kliese
Special Advisor Invest in Norway Europe
Marietta Stensrud
Administration Consultant & Switchboard
Michelle Duarte
Senior Advisor Export Norway
Michelle Duarte has devoted her 16 years career to Energy market, having worked from trading and technical sales to project management, from mineral commodities to Oil & Gas and biofuels. Along this journey she has built a solid network across energy market and developed a passion for connecting people and for entrepreneurship. Presently at Innovation Norway she applies her passion for connecting people by supporting Norwegian business to succeed in South American market. Michelle has a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Business Development and will be happy to collaborate with you in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
Profilbilde av Tim-Ole Böhm
Tim-Ole Böhm
Special Advisor Invest in Norway D-A-CH



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20355 Hamburg

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