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Export and international markets

Our export and international growth services for Norwegian companies

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Growth loans for international expansion

Does your company have concrete plans to expand beyond Norway but lacks collateral to secure full-fledged bank financing? With Growth Loans, Innovation Norway can finance 10-25 million NOK of your company's working capital needs without imposing stringent security requirements.

Market insights

Through our global presence, our market advisors possess extensive and up-to-date knowledge of local conditions in various markets around the world. We provide you with unique insights into market trends, business culture, laws and regulations, and other factors that impact your company's success in a new market.

International growth strategy

Our advisors have significant expertise in helping you prepare to reduce risks and increase the chances of a successful venture in new markets. You will receive valuable guidance in building or adapting your company's business model and strategy for international expansion.

International trade and IPR advisory

International trade requires knowledge of export regulations and how to handle cross-border logistics. Each market has different rules, and small mistakes can cost time and money. We have experienced experts who assist you in managing customs, VAT, international contracts, delivery terms, and international e-commerce. We also have IPR advisors who can support your company with a robust and comprehensive IPR strategy.

International visibility

We help you establish a presence in foreign markets and build strong brands. By participating in the Global Growth export program, you gain valuable market insights and the opportunity to meet relevant business partners. The same applies when we organize Norwegian pavilions at international trade fairs and business delegations accompanying Norwegian state visits and official visits abroad.

Market entry

Our advisors in Norway and abroad have a unique understanding of the markets they work with, which facilitates smoother and more targeted international growth for your company. We offer tailored solutions for companies wishing to establish themselves in a new market and support you throughout the process, from planning to establishment.

HPO - High Potential Opportunities

High Potential Opportunities (HPO) is a demand driven export program where Team Norway at large (public business support institutions, ministries, embassies, business clusters and business organizations) will assist Norwegian companies to win big international commercial contracts (above 500 mill NOK).

Together with Team Norway, Innovation Norway has a central role in finding, validating, executing and coordinating public support and assistance.

Read more about High Potential Opportunities (HPO)

Humanitarian innovation

Are you a UN agency or a Norwegian humanitarian organization looking to conduct an innovation project in partnership with a private company? The Humanitarian Innovation Program can provide funding for bold innovation projects.

Please note that the Norwegian Emergency Preparedness System (NOREPS) network has been discontinued.

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